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Q. How do you pronounce your weird last name?
A: yoo-WREN.

Q: Where is your weird last name from?
A: Cornwall.

Q: How much do you charge for your design work?
A: That depends on the type and complexity of the project. For example, creating a company logo that will be used on multiple elements is a much larger task than creating an advertisement for a short-term event. Please contact me with some specifications for your project; I am happy to provide estimates with no obligation. I can often tailor the work to the budget, if you would prefer to start with a fixed number. Once we've agreed upon an estimate, I require a 10% nonrefundable deposit to begin work on your project.

Q: Are you a print designer, or a web designer?
A: Both. My background is in print, but I have created digital media since 2001, and designed and coded websites since 2003. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, and WordPress. However, the web is constantly changing, and I am not a full-time back-end developer. The best solution for most sites is for a graphic designer (like me) to partner with a developer who can make sure the site is optimized for mobile devices, Google Analytics, SEO, etc.

Q: Will you work on-site?
A: Yes, as long as it is within a reasonable commute distance (up to 1 hour) from Berkeley, CA.

Q: Will you work with long-distance clients?
A: Yes—I can easily post proofs online. In the past, I have communicated with clients as far away as India, and managed Bay Area jobs from Easton, Maryland, and Hamburg, Germany.

Q: Who have you worked with?
A: I have created designs for the following companies, among many others:
3rd i Films; The Douglas Morrisson Theatre; Formative, Inc.; Theatre Rhinoceros; Bandaloop; Aurora Theatre Co.; Electronics For Imaging, Inc.; Gap Inc.; San Francisco AIDS Foundation; David Steinhardt Murals; The Chai Cart; St James Associates; VentureBeat; Peninsula Sleep Center; Nicole Laby Psychology; Green Box Top; and the Jane Austen Society, Northern California Region.

References available upon request. Please contact me.